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Residential Ceramic Coatings In Melbourne

IGL Coatings provides surface coatings designed to extend surface lifespan by safeguarding against spills and chemicals. Their nano-tech solutions not only protect but also simplify cleaning, saving time and costs. As a leading nano-tech manufacturer, they hold ISO 9001 accreditation and REACH compliance, ensuring both product performance and safety for the installers as well as your family!

Introducing IGL
Residential Ceramic Coating

Introducing IGL Home Ceramic Coating—a breakthrough in residential protection. Elevate your home’s exterior with this advanced coating, offering durability, resistance, and a lasting, luxurious finish.


Residential ceramic coatings provide unrivaled benefits, improving the exterior of your home with long-lasting brightness and protection. These coatings offer longevity and ease of maintenance by protecting against weathering and preventing stains. With the transformative benefits of domestic ceramic coatings, you may improve the beauty of your house while also ensuring long-term durability.


Bathroom Ceramic Coating

-Sink Mirror

-Shower Glass

-Shower Tile


-All Fixtures

*Additional bathroom $200

Starting at

$ 300

Kitchen Ceramic Coating


-Countertop including



-Hood Fan above stove

Starting at

$ 550

Kitchen & Bathroom Ceramic Coating

-Kitchen Fridge

-Kitchen Countertop including


-Kitchen Stove

-Kitchen Microwave

-Kitchen Hood Fan above stove

-Bathroom Sink Mirror

-Bathroom Shower Glass

-Bathroom Shower Tile

-Bathroom Sink

-Bathroom Fixtures

*Additional bathroom $150

Starting at

$ 750

mobile ceramic coating in Melbourne


At Mobile Ceramic Coatings, we redefine home aesthetics with precision and excellence. From advanced home ceramic coatings to meticulous detailing, we transform residences into masterpieces, ensuring lasting beauty and superior protection for your living spaces.


Home Ceramic Coating enhances aesthetics by providing a sleek, glossy finish, revitalizing interiors, and maintaining a luxurious appearance over time.

Our coatings are designed to resist weathering, protecting homes from UV rays, rain, and environmental elements, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Residential Ceramic Coatings offer durable protection, preserving home exteriors, resisting stains, and providing ease of maintenance for an enhanced living environment.

The curing process typically ranges from 24 to 72 hours initially, with optimal hardness and performance achieved over several weeks, influenced by factors like temperature and humidity.


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