We prioritize the longevity of your ceramic coating investment at Mobile Ceramic Coatings through attentive maintenance. Our skilled staff guarantees that your ceramic coating is adequately cared for, retaining its protective properties, increasing longevity, and preserving the radiance of your vehicle in the long run.

Ceramic Coating Aftercare

One of the biggest myths about ceramic coatings are that “once you get a ceramic coating installed you’ll never need to wash your car ever again” While it would be nice to never have to wash your car again, maintaining your ceramic coated car is important to make sure your coating doesn’t deteriorate and prematurely fail. We have provided the button below for all you need to know about maintaining your vehicle.

Annual Coating Maintenance

-This annual maintenance detail is required in order to keep your coating’s warranty valid. This annual detail allows us to inspect your coating and ensure it is still working properly. We also will apply specific maintenance/after-care products to help preserve and boost your coating.

-First we will begin by washing the car with a soap that will remove any dirt or road grime. Once your car is completely washed we will then decontaminate your paint with an Iron-X decontamination treatment which will bring your coating back to life. If needed, we will remove any hard water spots or light blemishes with a fine polish.

-Once your vehicle has been completely washed and decontaminated we will then apply System X Renew top coat to refresh the coating and boost its gloss and hydrophobics.

Starting at

$ 300

Ceramic Coating Maintenance

-Don’t have the time to take care of your coating? Or maybe you just don’t feel like washing your vehicle yourself? At Mobile Ceramic Coatings, we will take care of maintaining your coating for you! If you take your car’s appearance seriously, then trust the place that takes car care seriously. Let us take care of you and your coating.

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Hand Wash Membership

-This monthly membership is a great way to ensure that your vehicle is taken care of and maintained properly. Your membership will include an exterior hand wash each month which will help you stay on top of maintaining your coating!

-We’ll start off by cleaning your wheels, tires, and wheel wells. Then we will wash your car with a pH neutral soap. After the wash we will blow dry your car and apply a ceramic based maintenance “booster” spray. Finally we will dial in the last touches such as cleaning your glass, and dressing your tires.

-For an additional $50 ($70 for 3 row SUVs) you can add a mini interior cleaning to any wash.

Starting at

$ 100

Hand Wash Membership Form
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